The CheqUp price promise

Our price promise is simple: we are cheaper than Boots and provide a person-led weight management service. This means you can get a proper weight management service, led by recognised experts, at a price cheaper than Boots the Chemist. What's not to like? 

Lowest price AND a person-led weight management service

At CheqUp we believe that a person's weight loss journey will have the greatest chance of success if they are given the support of a full weight management service. We also recognise that weight management medication is expensive for many people and we are living through a cost-of-living crisis. Therefore we have implemented a price promise to ensure that our clients get the medication they need and the support to maximise the success of their journey.

Our price promise is simple: we are cheaper than Boots and provide a person-led weight management service.

This means that we will always be cheaper than Boots and we invite our clients to let us know if this is ever not the case. If so, we will immediately reduce our prices to below those of the level of Boots.

Achieve: our best-in-class programme

The CheqUp price promise also includes our entry-level Achieve weight loss package exceeds the very best service offered by all the online UK pharmacies.

This provides a very extensive range of support options for our clients, including constant and regular appointments with your health coach, access to our personalised WeightLess instant messaging service and access to obesity specialists for nutrition, physical activity and psychological support.

No dodgy pricing scams and false promises

Our promise doesn’t stop there - At CheqUp we’re committed to providing a quality service, delivered by professionals -  without the scams and false promises which have bedevilled the weight loss industry over decades.

See our blog here on the pricing deals which some companies use - 

We are proud to say that we do not increase our prices as the dosage of your medication increases. You will find many companies advertise a low price for the first month only - which then increases substantially as the dose increase process continues. 

Where we give a price per pen, we also show the monthly price to enable you to easily compare across different providers.

Last but not least, we offer a simple cancellation process – if you need to cancel for any reason, just email us at  - no hassle. 

Published: 26 May 2023