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What is the health of my ovaries? (AMH)

What is the health of my ovaries? (AMH)

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This test can help you discover if you're going through the menopause by testing the female hormones which regulate fertility

This simple at-home blood test is sent to your door with full instructions on how to complete the test and send it off to our laboratory using the pre-paid envelope and packaging

All our blood samples are analysed at leading UK laboratories which are accredited by UKAS to ISO15189 standards reflecting the highest standards of pathology

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This test is a measure of the amount of anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) in your blood.

AMH plays a key role in developing a baby’s sex organs while in the womb. AMH levels are higher in male babies, as this prevents them from developing female reproductive organs. Female babies only need a small amount of AMH for their development.

In adult women, AMH levels correspond to the number of eggs you have (your ovarian reserve):

- Higher AMH levels mean more eggs and a higher ovarian reserve.
- Lower AMH levels mean fewer eggs and a lower ovarian reserve.

This may reveal that you have a shorter window to get pregnant or that you may be approaching the menopause.

AMH levels vary depending on your age. In women, AMH levels start rising during adolescence and peak around 25 years old. After that, AMH levels naturally decline, so it’s normal to see a lower ovarian reserve in your 30s, 40s and 50s.

Knowing the health of your ovaries is incredibly important for many women - at many stages of your life. From understanding if you are going through the menopause to knowing if there is a reason for delayed menstruation, this test can help provide vital information

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