One to watch: Channel 4’s “The truth behind the skinny jab”

Channel 4’s excellent documentary, “The truth behind the skinny jab” which aired on 19 September, should be compulsory viewing for anyone considering taking weight loss medication.

Journalist Anna Richardson outlined the medical appeal of drugs such as Wegovy and Saxenda before exploring the alarming ease with which the wrong people could access these drugs, the lack of clinical checks performed even by some Harley Street physicians, the startling availability of counterfeit versions of the the active drug, semaglutide, and the side effects which patients can suffer.

 The programme was a substantive and important contribution to the national dialogue about weight loss medication, otherwise coloquially named as the “skinny jab”.

Chequp's statement

CheqUp Chief Executive, Toby Nicol, said:

“We believe that weight loss medication should only be taken with a full wraparound service including physicians, dietitians, physical activity advisors and health coach support. But too many companies are making it too easy for people to obtain prescription-only medication without the right checks, the right support, or even for the right medical conditions. For the sake of patient safety, it is essential that the weight loss cowboys are brought to heel.”


Published: 19 Sept  2023