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At CheqUp we give you control over your health at every stage of your life with a friendly, efficient team focused on sustaining you, the community and the planet. Track your health and make discerning choices using a service uniquely tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

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    At CheckUp we utilise the latest technology to provide clear and actionable results that you measure and track from the comfort of your own home. Accessed via our secure online portal we guide you through understanding and interpreting your data using benchmarks, comments and dashboards. Your personal report allows you to assess risk, monitor changes and see the improvements you can make with everyday health and lifestyle changes.

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    At CheckUp we’re passionate about the power of health data. Out tests deliver insights, spur actions and empower longer, happier, healthier lives. Your results will be checked and verified by our medical team utilising the skill andexpertise of UKAS accredited labs. Advice and comments are based on the latest medical research and reflect the experience we’ve gained from analysing and interpreting thousands of results.

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