Worried about weight loss injections? These TINY needles give HUGE results

If you want to lose weight but are worried about the needles then you’re not alone. But forget everything you think you know - these needles are not the type used to give blood or for vaccinations. In fact, they’re only 4mm wide and so thin that they can be difficult to see.

Read on to learn more about those tiny needles that can make a huge difference to your weight loss journey.

Spoiler alert - the needles are very small

Today, we're diving into the not-so-scary world of weight loss injections, not the medications, but the actual needles themselves. 

You’re probably aware that the new generation of medications - like Mounjaro, Wegovy and Ozempic, can lead to significant weight loss, when taken with the support of a specialist weight management team. 

But let’s address the elephant in the room: those needles. 

The needle fear: All mouth no trousers

First off, let's bust the big myth: the needles for these injections are tiny! They're incredibly thin and small. So, if you’re thinking that these needles are like the syringes used when giving blood or having a vaccine, then think again.

The needles used in Wegovy are 4mm long and a fraction of a millimetre wide.

Let’s play “spot the needle”

Take a look at the image below - this is from a generic Wegovy / Ozempic pen. Try to quickly spot the needle.

Tiny needle

If you’re having difficulty, it’s at the far left of the pen itself. 

OK, we’ll make it easier for you by circling the needle on a different picture.

Tiny needle

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the needles are miniscule. When being used you feel the equivalent of a small scratch and ……that’s it. 

Compared to the benefit of the weight loss, the sensation created by the needle is worth it one hundred times over.

Tiny needles. Big benefit.

And the benefits are significant. Medications on the market today, such as Wegovy, are proven through clinical trials to result in a 15% weight loss. But the next generation of drugs - Mounjaro - gives ~25% weight loss in 18 months. 

Believe us when we say that the minor inconvenience of the needles is well worth the benefit of the weight loss which they produce. 

One injection: seven days

Are you someone who prefers pills over needles? We get it. The great news is that both Wegovy and Mounjaro are taken once weekly. This means that you need to inject just once every seven days.

An earlier type of medication needed a daily injection, but those days are long gone. With these once-a-week injections, it's a 'one and done' deal for the entire week: easy and convenient

Let’s talk dose titration

It takes time for our bodies to get used to all GLP-1 medications. To avoid the side-effects becoming unmanageable, we need to start taking the medication in small doses and slowly increase until we are at the top (“maintenance”) dose. 

This is called “dose titration” and its exact application varies from drug to drug. For example, with Saxenda (a daily injection of Liraglutide) the dose titration period lasts 5 weeks. Whereas for the weekly injections of Wegovy and Mounjaro the period is five and six months respectively. 

The medications have been shown to work most effectively when people are at their top doses for many months. Even though many people report weight loss with this medication within the first few weeks, this medication should be taken for at least 6 months to achieve real, long lasting results. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix! 

One very important benefit of this dose-titration stage is that if you experience side-effects, then you will first feel at the very lowest dose. Not only does this give your body time to adjust as the dose increases but the sensations are likely to be at their most minimal. 

A key advantage of the gradual dose-increase approach is its gentle introduction of the medication to your body. Starting with the lowest possible dose means any initial side effects are likely to be milder and more manageable. This not only allows your body to acclimatise comfortably as the dosage incrementally increases, but also ensures that any sensations you might experience are at their least intense. It's like dipping your toes in the water before taking the plunge, giving your system the chance to adapt smoothly.

A long-term investment in your health

Weight loss medications were not designed to be taken in isolation. Instead, the weight loss achieved in the clinical trials was the result of months of support from doctors, dietitians, physical activity advisors, nurses etc. 

That’s why CheqUp provides a full weight management service to our clients. 

We believe that embarking on a weight loss journey is a serious decision made by people who are committed to losing weight for the long term. It’s worth doing properly.

In a nutshell, weight loss injections like Wegovy and Mounjaro have revolutionised the way we lose weight. No more fad diets and false promises; instead, just clinically-proven weight loss.

And those needles? They're just tiny tools in your arsenal, small in size but big on impact. 

Take the first step and begin your journey now:

Published: 18 Jan  2024