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CheqUp is a provider of transformational weight loss services and at-home blood diagnostics

Chequp Health Limited is registered in England with number 12570252.

The registered address is:

Clifton House

Bunnian Place



RG21 7JE

Our operational address is Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6NH

Written correspondence should be sent to the above address.

Email correspondence can be sent to

You can find our privacy policy here.

All medical products used by CheqUp are registered with the MHRA and are CE approved.

The laboratories we use are fully accredited to the highest levels of pathology analysis

Your body naturally produces an appetite hormone known as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) that helps to regulate your hunger. Medication, such as Saxenda and Wegovy work like GLP-1 by regulating your appetite, which can lead to eating fewer calories and losing weight.

Large-scale clinical trials show that those people who take the medication alongside diet and lifestyle advice have the greatest long-term weight loss. That’s why CheqUp recommends that everyone participates in our holistic weight management service consisting of dietary advice, physical activity recommendations, regular check-ins with your health coach, and the provision of medical / psychological / sleep management / stress support as is recommended by your CheqUp doctor.

You should begin to see an impact within four weeks. Wide-scale clinical trials show an average initial weight loss of 2% within four weeks for both Wegovy and Saxenda.




There are different types of GLP-1 medication - your CheqUp doctor will help you to determine which is most suitable for you.

Broadly, the weight loss in clinical trials lasting about a year ranges from 10% (Saxenda) to 15% (Wegovy) to 20% (Mounjaro).

Everyone is different and it is difficult to give exact numbers. However,  in the clinical trials for Saxenda, 24.2% of participants lost more than 15% of their weight over a period of 56 weeks. For Wegovy, the numbers were notably higher over a 68 week period.




At present only two GLP-1 agonist receptor drugs are licenced for weight loss in the UK - Saxenda and Wegovy. Wegovy is availble on pre-order from Chequp and should be available in May. 

The active drug in Wegovy is Semaglutide, which is also offered for patients with Type 2 Diabetes as Ozempic.

A third drug, Tirzepatide, which is marketed under the name of Mounjaro, is likely to be available towards the end of 2023,

Obesity is a chronic, long-term disease. Like many types of medication, the disease will likely return if you stop taking the medication. The duration will be individualised to your weight loss maintenance and your health by our weight loss professionals.

Your chances of successful long-term weight loss are dramatically improved if you take the medication under the support of experienced professionals. That’s why the National Institute for Clinical Excellence has licensed the use of semaglutide in clients only if taken under the supervision of a full weight management service, such as that provided by CheqUp. We recommend that you choose our Transform or Empower support packages for the best possible outcome.




There are two principal GLP-1 agonist drugs licensed in the UK for weight loss: Saxenda (whose active drug is liraglutide) and Wegovy (whose active drug is semaglutide). Although Wegovy is fully licensed in the UK and has been approved by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), supply shortages mean that it won’t be available for UK clients until later in the Spring of 2023.


The average expected weight loss with Saxenda is about 10% after a year, for those clients who remain on the drug and take it as part of a holistic weight management service, such as that provided by CheqUp. For Wegovy, the expected weight loss is about 15% over 68 weeks.


However, a comparison by CheqUp of the wide-scale clinical trial data, shows that initial weight loss of the two drugs is almost identical. After 12 weeks, clients had lost about 6% of their body weight on both drugs. After 12 weeks the weight loss from taking semaglutide begins to diverge.


The implication of this is that clients in the UK should consider taking liraglutide for the three months until Wegovy is available with no likely difference in weight loss over those first three months before switching to a higher dose of semaglutide.

Both Saxenda and Wegovy are called GLP-1 agonists and the great news is that it is possible to switch from one type of GLP-1 weight loss medication to another; for example, from Liraglutide to Semaglutide. This would be done under the supervision of your CheqUp doctor, a specialist in obesity treatments and GLP-1 medication.

When switching to a new medication for obesity control, it's important to consider the your past experience with similar medications. If you have had problems with side effects, the new medication should be started at a lower dose and gradually increased. The length of time before increasing the dose can also be adjusted based on the severity of past side effects. Additionally, consider how long you have been taking your current medication and what dose you are on to guide the starting dose of the new medication. The first dose of the new medication should be given at the same time the next dose of the old medication would have been taken.

A clinical trial has looked into this very issue and you can find the resulting article here

Some of our testing suits are offered in three levels;

1. Basic
2. Advanced
3. Ultimate

These are available depending on how in-depth of an analysis is wanted by the client. A full description of each is available on the website including the bio-markers tested.

Your 16 digit activation code for your test kit registration is located on the outside of your test kit, underneath the QR code (which is for use by our laboratory- please do not scan this).

Please check the instructions that accompany the test and also the email correspondence sent to ensure registration is completed correctly.

If you have forgotten your password for your profile, please use the recover password option when signing in and follow the instructions to reset your password.

The QR code on your test kit is for use by the laboratory and not for use in the registration process.

Please follow the instructions provided, and register using the 16 digit activation code located under the QR code on your testing kit.

Make sure to send your test kit back with this QR code undamaged, otherwise the laboratory will not be able to identify your test kit.

The testing kit comes with a full list of instructions detailing the step by step process of completing your test. Please read through these and familiarise yourself with the process before you begin.

Please verify you have all the components required to complete the testing process and if you need further assistance please contact customer service by email at or through our webchat and we will be happy to help.

Please read through the instructions for collecting your sample before commencing collecting your sample.

If you are struggling in collecting enough sample; jogging on the spot and increasing your heart rate will help your blood circulation, always collect from the end of your finger and hold your hand down, you can lightly squeeze your finger in a downwards motion to help with blood flow.

If you have used all three of the lancets and have still failed to collect an adequate sample please contact us via email at or through our webchat for assistance.

Please visit: - create an account and follow the steps to register your test.

If you already have an account, please log into the account and on the top right corner click the "Activate Test" button.

The test requires you to pinch your finger with one of the blood lancets that comes with the test kit, it is essentially painless but please take the necessary precautions given in your test kit instructions to avoid any issues.

Once your testing kit has arrived at our laboratory please allow 1-3 days for results to be processed. Once completed, you will be notified via email that your results are ready and a full analysis of your results will be available in your Chequp account.

If your results have not been issued after three days of arrival at our laboratory please contact customer service by email at or through our webchat for assistance.

If one or more of your biomarkers have come back as inconclusive please contact customer service by email at or through our web-chat in order for us to contact the laboratory on your behalf to find out why your test was inconclusive.

If there was an issue in the testing process at no fault of the client, as per our refunds policy, Chequp will offer retesting of the missing biomarkers and a testing kit will be issued for free.

If you require assistance to access your results, you can contact customer service by email at or through our web-chat. If you have more in-depth queries in regards to your results, or wish to speak to a medical professional please contact your GP or the NHS who will be able to offer you a professional opinion on your results.

Please note, we do not offer diagnosis or in-depth interpretations of your results as they can depend on many other personal factors, for these services you will have to contact your GP or the NHS and share this data with them.

Please complete your testing as per the instructions included in your test kit, making sure to seal the vial and the box correctly and register all necessary details.

The test sample must be returned in the same box, with the Tracked 24 Royal Mail label provided in order for the laboratory to be able to complete the appropriate testing - please keep a record of your tracking number in case there are any issues with your delivery.

If unsure please refer to the instructions or contact customer service by email at or through our webchat for assistance.

In the rare case that a label has not been included in your test kit please let us know as soon as possible by email at or through our webchat and we will be able to arrange to have one emailed to you in order to be able to return your test kit to the laboratory.

Unfortunately if your test is not registered, we are unable to register your test once this has reached the laboratory.

Registration is required so the laboratory knows which biomarkers to test for and who they are testing them for - if this is not registered once this reaches the laboratory, they will be unable to carry out testing and will discard the sample.

Once you have sent your testing sample to the laboratory please use the tracking details to monitor its progress to our laboratory. If you notice that the test kit has not arrived, or there is no change in your delivery status and it has been the recommended 3 days delivery period, please contact customer service immediately by email at or through our web-chat for assistance.

If your testing kit is lost or misplaced by Royal Mail, as per our refunds policy a replacement testing kit will be sent out to you free of charge.

Before claiming or discussing a refund, please read our full policy here.


Yes, CheqUp (under its previous name of Confirm Testing Limited) is proud to be listed on the UK Government website to provide Testing for International Arrivals (Day 2 and Day 8), Day 2 lateral flow testing, as well as Test to Release and general testing within the community.


However, since early 2022, the UK government has removed almost all inbound travel testing so CheqUp is focussed exclusively on testing for people leaving the UK and needing a certificate to enter another country

Fit to Fly is the general description for a test that allows you to demonstrate that you are free of COVID-19 and are fit to board a plane and enter another country.

CheqUp certificates are accepted by airlines and governments around the world

Yes, you will be provided with an official QR-coded certificate with your results which is accepted by airlines and governments around the world

Both our standard lateral flow test verification service and our video-verification service work seven days a week

We can only issue a certificate if you have been found to have a NEGATIVE test result. If your result is positive, you will have to follow NHS guidelines and self-isolate immediately. For the health of everyone around you, you must not attempt to travel.

You will receive a document of your positive result.

Yes, we have QR codes on all our Lateral Flow Test Fit to Fly certificates.

Yes, you can use the Lateral Flow Fit to Fly tests to leave the UK to a destination that accepts rapid antigen/lateral flow tests as proof of COVID-19 negative status for entry.

It is up to you to verify the requirements needed for entry into your destination. You can find advice here

We verify results photos throughout the day, seven days a week, and generally send out result certificates within hours of photos being uploaded.

Typically results are issued within 2 hours if you register your test between 9:00 - 22:00.

However, please be aware that it can occasionally take longer to send out certificates (up 12 hours), particularly if photos are uploaded at night.

If you haven't received your certificate within 12 hours please check your "spam"/"junk" mailbox before contacting us.

Please make sure to contact the Cruise's customer service line to enquire which type of test you need for your journey, if they require a Lateral Flow Test (Antigen Test) we have the right test for you! - Please also make sure to verify if they require the test to be video supervised or not, either way, we have the products for you.

If you want to take the test whilst you are on the cruise, please make sure to have a device with good internet connection so that you are able to register your test.

Once your order is placed you will receive an email which will allow you to create an appointment for your video verification session.

On the day of your appointment an email with a link to join your video session will be issued 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

You will then be joined by one of our agents who will walk you through the testing process - the video session is done in our portal, you do not need extra software (Zoom, Facetime, etc.) for your session.

Once completed you will be sent to our registration portal to register your details and upload a picture of your cassette alongside your passport.

Your results are typically issued within 2 hours, however this may be longer depending on the volume of orders on the day, but you will receive your certificate no later than 10pm the same day.

Please ensure to visit official government website of the country you are travelling to, in order to familiarise with the most recent testing requirements, which may apply to you.

According to, "Before boarding a flight to the USA, most passengers - regardless of vaccination status - are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 1 day before travel. All air passengers to the USA are also required to provide contact information to their airlines before boarding. You should check with your airline before you travel for more details. Full requirements for pre-travel testing can be found on the CDC website ( Children under 2 years old do not need to test."

Please see the below link for further information:

Please note, as of the time this information was written (May 20th, 2022) our Telehealth Video-Supervised lateral flow tests are valid upon entry to USA.

Yes, you can complete both LFT fit to fly tests and Video Verification tests in other countries as long as you have good internet connection, please note that appointment times and certificates are all issued in GMT or BST.

Your personal information is recorded in the registration process - the information you give us at point of purchase is only relevant for dispatch and billing purposes.

If you have purchased a test for several different people, do not worry! Their personal information will be taken at point of registration.

Once you have completed your Video Verification appointment with our agent you will be directed automatically to the registration page to register your details, and upload a photo of your results.

Once completed, your results will be verified normally within 2 hours.

If you have purchased your test with our Free Delivery service, your test will take 1 to 3 business days to be delivered to your address - please note that, your test will be dispatched the same day as long as you have ordered it before 17:30 (Mon-Fri & Sun).

If you have purchased your test with DPD Next Day Delivery, your test will be delivered on the next business day, as long as you have purchased before 17:30 (Mon-Fri & Sun)

If you have purchased your test on a Saturday, your test will be dispatched the same day, as long as you have purchased the test before 12:30PM.

If you wish for your test to be delivered on the weekend, please purchase with Saturday or Sunday delivery before the dispatch cut off time.

If your order has not been delivered within these time frames please contact us urgently at 

You will receive your tracking information to your email address a few hours after it has been dispatched from our warehouse.

You are able to use this tracking information to track the progress of your order, and if necessary, to amend delivery details or add notes for your driver.

If you haven't received your tracking information, please email us at and we will be able to provide it to you.

Please note we do not ship to Northern Ireland, the Channel Isles, or the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

We do ship to Scotland and Wales. Scotland shipping is a 2-day service in some areas.

We do not ship outside the United Kingdom.

The following areas below will experience delayed deliveries of at least one more business day.

Northern Highlands
Isle of Man

We cannot deliver to the following areas. Orders to these areas will be cancelled and refunded:

Northern Highlands ( HS1 - HS9 )
Orkney Shetland

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