BBC Panorama: Only take GLP-1 meds with full support

The BBC’s investigative documentary, Panorama, devoted its programme tonight (Monday, 15 January 2023) to the issue of obesity medications.

The BBC concluded that there is insufficient capacity on the NHS, too many people are being prescribed weight loss medications without appropriate checks, that people are not being properly supported through their weight loss journey, and people should not take weight loss medications without appropriate support of the sort offered by CheqUp.

We would recommend that anyone interested in beginning a weight loss journey should take the half hour required to watch the programme.

CheqUp has long argued that GLP-1 medications should always be taken as part of a full weight management system and that irresponsible prescribing can have severe side effects. 

Moreover, dietary support is fundamental to ensure that appropriate nutrition is consumed: “It is dangerous to take these drugs without knowing that it’s really crucial to maintain muscle mass through appropriate nutrition and resistance training throughout treatment” said Dr Federica Amati from Imperial College London.

The BBC should be congratulated for bringing to a mass audience some of the issues which have been at the forefront of our concerns for months.

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Published: 15 Jan  2023