How can I buy Wegovy online?

Stocks of Wegovy have been in very short supply since it was launched in September but can it be bought online …..and where can you get it?

What is Wegovy and how can I get it?

Wegovy is a very popular weight loss medication from the Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. It is based on the active ingredient Semaglutide, which is also found in Ozempic, a medication for those with type 2 diabetes.,

Wegovy has proved hugely popular since it was launched in September as clinical trials show average weight loss of 15% in just over a year. For many people taking Wegovy, this could mean shedding 20-25 kilograms or more - a level of weight loss which can lead to substantial health benefits, which is why it has been hailed as a “game-changer” by much of the scientific community. 

You should only buy Wegovy online  from reputable specialist weight management companies, such as CheqUp, who can provide the level of support which is necessary to take Wegovy safely. A doctor will also need to determine if this is the right medication for you.

Wegovy effectiveness

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Wegovy needs specialist support: The global trials for Wegovy were conducted in patients who had the support of a full range of clinicians - doctors, physical activity advisors, dietitians, psychological counsellors etc - whose input is vital to ensure you lose weight properly. You should not try to go it alone.
  2. Wegovy is a prescription-only medication. Although some firms will try to give the impression that buying Wegovy online  is as simple as buying a pack of sweets, the reality is a million miles from this, Wegovy is a serious prescription-only medication which causes significant changes to our body’s metabolic system. It should only be prescribed by a fully-qualified doctor experienced in obesity, such as those employed by CheqUp.
  3. Wegovy can lead to substantial side effects: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and constipation are among the most recognised side-effects of Wegovy. Managing these side-effects can require specialist support and, in the most extreme cases, a recommendation to seek medical advice rather than a company which is going to leave you to face the consequences alone.
  4. Wegovy needs injecting: The way Wegovy is delivered is through a weekly painless injection using a pre-filled “pen”. It is simple to use but our experience shows that people need instructing in how to take it and reassurance that it doesn’t hurt. Our health coaches and specialist support staff will guide you through this and every other part of the process.
  5. Wegovy requires monthly dose increases. Our bodies need time to get used to the effects of Wegovy - that’s why the monthly dose starts low (at 0.25mg) and increases until the top dose of 2.4mg after five months. But not everyone is the same and some people will be able to go up through the doses, a process called “dose titration”, more quickly than others; while some won’t need to reach the top doses at all. The dose titration process requires specialist medical support.
  6. Weight loss will only come with changes to diet and exercise: Wegovy works in a simple manner: we feel full, so we eat less, so we lose weight, This process take many months (people in the clinical trials took Wegovy for well over a year) and can ONLY work if you consume less food than your body needs. CheqUp’s dietitians and physical activity advisors are highly experienced at dealing with people who are living with obesity with individual diet and activity plans created just for you.
  7. Beware of fakes! The BBC, amongst others, has reported the prevalence of fake weight loss medication being sold to unsuspecting clients. You should only buy Wegovy online from established, hgh-quality companies who are committed to making your weight loss journey as easy and effective as possible.

Now that Wegovy is available,  you can conveniently buy Wegovy online and get the medication delivered straight to your home. Wegovy is a game-changing medication which can have a profoundly positive impact on weight loss but it was never designed to be taken in isolation and, in our experience, those people who take it with the support of a full team of specialists have by far the greatest chance of success.

If you’re committed to losing weight with Wegovy - then, do it properly. 

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Published: 22 Nov  2023