Are you bored of reading “10 ways COVID-19 changed our lives – for the better” lists?

We are.

Because at CheqUp we only need a list of one: “We all took control of our health”.

Lateral flow tests, persistent new cough, a loss of taste and smell, PCR testing, temperature of 37.8 degrees and above…….. We all learned a language that had been alien to us. We checked up on our neighbours, friends and family and focused on a single priority – our health.

There should be no backsliding to a time when getting a GP appointment took weeks. Why should you have to join a queue or visit an inconvenient clinic to keep a check on your health? Instead, it should be quick, convenient and digital. 

At CheqUp we think everyone should be health positive. Whether you’re concerned or just want peace of mind, our tests are easy, fast and convenient so health isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something you control. Our plans are simple to manage, affordable and tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

You take our high-quality tests in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at a fraction of the price of most private medicals. Check out any issues or understand how key markers can help guide your decisions and health wellbeing. All backed-up by our friendly and efficient team. You’re always in control.

CheqUp: for your healthier, happier life