Brilliant service is everywhere. We choose brands which reflect our values and provide a high-quality service, at a good price, quickly, and online. Let’s start at the beginning – Airbnb, BooHoo, CheqUp (sorry, we couldn’t resist that one), Deliveroo, Etsy……. OK, you get the point.  


We expect the best. All the time.


So, why are our expectations of healthcare so low? We all love the NHS, it’s a great part of British life – but it’s so difficult to use. It’s an enormous, bureaucratic beast, staffed by amazing people but mind-numbingly sloooooooow.


The pandemic broke the umbilical link we had with our GPs and has super-charged the existing trends towards the digitalisation and personalisation of health. This has left the NHS offering a poorer, slower service at a time when everyone expects a faster, better service at-home.


The idea of waiting two weeks to see the GP and then waiting another week or so to get some blood tests is as outdated as a phone attached to a wall with a piece of wire.


With CheqUp you don’t have to wait to take charge of your health. We offer convenient testing at home, to alert you early to any issues. We can provide the highest quality at home tests, giving you peace of mind and stopping the NHS being overwhelmed.


We’re passionate about the integrity and power of health data. Our tests deliver insights, spur actions and empower longer, happier, healthier lives. Your results will be checked and verified by our medical team utilising the skill and expertise of UKAS accredited labs. Advice and comments are based on the latest medical research and reflect the experience we’ve gained from analysing and interpreting thousands of results.


You don’t need to wait for great healthcare: With CheqUp, your’re always in control


CheqUp: for your healthier, happier life