When will Wegovy be available in the UK?

Those waiting for Wegovy to become available may have to continue waiting for some months, according to the latest reports.

Update: Wegovy available with Chequp

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Is there a launch date?

The manufacturer of the medication, Novo Nordisk, has faced a series of supply shortages and production challenges for the last two years.

The medication has been given a number of official launch dates in the two years since it was approved for distribution in the UK almost two years ago.

Right now there is no launch date for Wegovy in the UK. Recent communications from the NHS tell doctors not to start any new patients on any GLP-1 medications (the class of drug to which Wegovy belongs). And it is likely that Wegovy will not launch before the beginning of 2024 at the earliest, with shortages continuing into 2025.

Let's delve into the details of this situation.

Supply Shortages Cast a Shadow

The manufacturer of Ozempic and Wegovy, Novo Nordisk, recently issued a warning that supply shortages of Ozempic might persist until 2025. Despite ramping up production efforts, the scarcity of the drug could have a ripple effect on the availability of Wegovy, further delaying its launch date. 

Ozempic, initially introduced in 2019 as a prescription medication for diabetes, gained newfound attention when a major trial in 2021 revealed its effectiveness as a weight loss treatment.

Challenges and investments

Novo Nordisk has taken significant steps to address the situation, including running factories 24/7 and investing billions in new production facilities. Despite these efforts, supply shortages are projected to continue intermittently over the next 18 months. A spokesperson from the company noted, "We do not have a confirmed launch date for Wegovy in the UK. We are working to make Wegovy available in the UK as soon as possible."

Promising developments and further challenges

Adding another layer of complexity, a recent trial highlighted that semaglutide could potentially reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in obese individuals by 20%. This new potential use is expected to intensify demand and might exacerbate existing shortages.

The Department for Health and Social Care acknowledged the supply issues and emphasised that supplies of Ozempic are not expected to stabilise until at least mid-2024.

The department has also issued a National Patient Safety Alert cautioning against the off-label use of these drugs for obesity management, as existing stocks must be conserved for diabetes patients.

The road ahead

As the anticipation for Wegovy's arrival in the UK continues, the challenges of supply shortages and increasing demand underscore the delicate balance between addressing obesity and ensuring diabetes patients have access to their necessary treatments. 

he pharmaceutical industry's efforts to overcome these hurdles highlight the intricate interplay between medical advancement, production capabilities, and patient care. It remains to be seen when Wegovy will make its long-awaited debut in the UK market, but one can hope that the ongoing efforts will lead to a positive outcome for both obesity treatment and diabetes management.

Published: 10 August 2023